Milkshakes, Memories & Mixed Lollies!

by Eamon Donnelly.

This book is 15 years in the making but has its humble beginnings in 1981 with the childhood Milk Bar of Eamon called Dave & Peggy's in East Geelong. In 2002 Eamon took the first photo in this project, the closed shopfront that was his cherished childhood corner Milk Bar. He then noticed a change in Australia's suburban landscape, the Milk Bar was slowly fading away and he began to document the last of the Australian Milk Bars.

In March 2018 a crowdfunding campaign will be launched to raise the printing costs to self publish the book Milk Bars. But it won't happen without the support of the community. Much like Milk Bars were and still are supported by the local community this book also needs your support. Register your email at to be on the mailing list for the launch of the campaign.